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Body training helps train each muscle group. It helps in keeping intensity levels to sufficient levels. Training exercises help in keeping the most hypertrophy. Body training helps in keeping each training session as a brief. Thus, all in all body training exercises can enhance your bio motor abilities. Some of them include – power, strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination. Some common body training exercises include push-up, pull-up and sit-up.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga is the union of conscience and soul. It is a way of life. In sanskrit terms, Yoga means yuj. It is not just a physical exercise where turn, twist, stretch and breathe. It is not just asana or exercise. It’s more than that. Yoga unfolds the potential of human mind and souls. Yoga is 10,000 years old. Patanjali is considered as father of yoga. There are various types of yoga and yoga asana namely – philosophy or gyan yoga, bhakti yoga and the karma yoga.